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30 Jan, 2018

8 Questions to Ask Yourself For a Stressfree Office Move

Planning adequately and proper coordination are the fundamentals of a successful and stress-free office move. The entire process should be carefully drawn up in such a way that it allows flexibility and flow of information.
Depending on the size of the office to be moved, proper planning has to be done, keeping in consideration, the needs of the different departments. In order to efficiently capture all that, one needs to have a productive operational schedule, proper timing, and a detailed cost plan. All these processes can be overwhelming for you and your staff. You can also take help of reputed and experienced removalists in Perth, who can help you move your office in a stress-free way.

Here are 8 questions to ask yourself for a stress-free office move.

1. Am I in a good position to finance the office move?

Financing your move goes beyond the actual moving. Some of the things that you should consider are rent for the new office, cost of office accessibility for you and your employees, and kitting out your new premise with equipment and furniture. Other things to put in mind include the necessary moving-in expenses such as technical set-ups like installing internet connection and additional hidden cost associated with moving.

2. Do I need professional movers for help?

Moving in Perth would definitely require you to hire the services of a professional mover. There are many benefits of hiring experience removalists like Better Removalists Perth, as they will ensure that you do not subject yourself or your employees to unnecessary stress as you move. Other than being a laborious task, moving your office would require the services of an experienced mover with a trained eye in identifying pitfalls associated with moving. Ensure that you call office removalists in advance to get an estimate of the move.

3. Is the new office space big enough to accommodate everyone?

Whether you want a big office space for a blue chip company or a small office space for a start-up, you will surely get one here in Perth. The first thing you need to find out is the office space appropriate for your business. Picking a small office space may have adverse effects on the work productivity whereas choosing an extra-large area may necessitate you to pay for a space that is not in use. It is, therefore, necessary to carry out due diligence in order to get the right office space.

4. Should I make room for business as I move?

Making room for business as you move may not be an appropriate thing to do. Moving is a tedious exercise that involves a lot of mental, physical, and emotional engagement. As a result, make sure that all your clients know that you are moving. Having a moving sign placed on your door as you relocate to any location in Perth will help your clients understand that you are closed for business within that period of transition. It is important for you to inform your clients and customers about your relocation. So, prepare yourself ahead of time and try to focus only on your moving process. A smooth move will help you resume your business operations as quickly as possible.

5. Is your office culture fitting well in the new location?

Keeping your business brand and retaining your office culture are important things to consider before making a move. Search for a location that reflects your brand and allows your previous office culture to thrive. You can search online or visit the shortlisted commercial properties for sale in advance so that you can start the business operations after relocating to the new place. Also, remember that securing the right location that is consistent with your culture and brand will enhance the productivity as well as maintain the level of appeal and trust among your clients. So, do your part of research and choose the location that boasts of top-class local amenities.

6. Is the new premise accessible to my employees and your loyal clients?

A move however inevitable it is, should not cause significant loss of business or affect the level of productivity. In fact, a good move enhances productivity and retains loyal customers. Finding a good location for your office in Perth is not as difficult as it might sound. Consult widely, and you will find a suitable location for your office.

7. Is the new location safe?

Safety is a primary aspect to consider before making a move. Clients won’t patronise the new location if it is not safe. Equally, your most productive employees may have to quit when they realise that they are being exposed to risks and dangers in the new location.

8. How is competition in the new location?

Perth has many different forms of business. However, you can gain an edge over your competitors by choosing a location that has a high business but with less competition. Such a move will boost your business and enhance your client base.
For that, you need to do proper research and make the most out of your business contacts. Since Perth is a lively city, you will find the best opportunities to grow your business and that’s why people are shifting to this thriving city.


By keeping above points in mind, you can have a comfortable and smooth relocation of your office place in Perth. But by hiring an experienced and reputed removal company like Better Removalists Perth, you will get a one-stop solution for all your moving needs. The move will be stress-free, effortless, and done with reliability and professionalism.