7 Things To Inspect Before Renting & Moving In An Apartment

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7 Things To Inspect Before Renting & Moving In An Apartment

Dec 07, 2020 Renting an apartment is a huge responsibility which should only be undertaken when you have the financial resources and a good credit score. If you are a tenant and need to move to a new house, you have to consider other things besides monetary stability and the ability to pay rent every week. Lessees at the end of their tenancies have to perform a variety of tasks such as cleaning, decluttering, packing, hiring professional removalists in Perth, etc. In addition, there is the worry and pressure of finding the right apartment to live in and to do that every option should be reviewed cleverly. Outlined below are seven things you should inspect before renting and moving in an apartment. Read on to learn how to inspect a property to rent before signing a long or short-term lease agreement.

Inspect for Structural Integrity and Design

Checking the apartment, you wish to move in for durability, sturdiness, and reliability is a must before renting. Look at the exterior of the apartment for cracks, holes, and gaps, then check the interiors for the same. Next, inspect the property for design and architecture to determine it is user-friendly, spacious, and practical. For example, if you are moving with pets and childrens, the design of the house should provide them with safety plus room to play.

Check Walls, Carpets, and Floors

The apartment you rent should be in pristine condition at the start of a tenancy, which is why it is crucial to inspect the walls, carpets, and floors. During the review of indoor and outdoor areas, look for stains, spots, burn marks, holes, discolourations, and other problems. Bring these issues to the notice of the landlord or property manager who usually documents them and ensures repairs. Before renting an apartment, the condition of the walls, floors, and carpets is documented via photos, text, and videos in an original condition report. This report is useful for reference when you move out as tenants are required to return the property in the same condition to get a bond refund. Thus, you must keep it safe along with the contact details of the removalists in Perth and bond cleaners to keep things organised.

Review the Ventilation and Air Conditioning System

Having a well-ventilated apartment is a must for good indoor air quality and to lead a healthy life. Poor ventilation can cause a host of problems such as aggravated allergies, mould development, bad odour, etc. Besides adequate ventilation, the apartment should have a high-performance air conditioning system. It can be centralised throughout the apartment building or fitted in the apartment as a unit. Whatever the case, you should ensure the system works effectively, and it is not broken or damaged.

Check the Windows, Doors, and Locks

Your protection and safety, along with that of your belongings, depends on how good the doors, windows, and locks are. Therefore, before renting an apartment, you need to check the condition and integrity of these fixtures. Look at the handles, hinges, knobs, and other parts to ensure they work properly and aren’t broken. Furthermore, look at windows and doors from inside and outside to determine gaps, dents, and crookedness. If these fixtures don’t close properly, bring it to the notice of the landlord/property owners. Also, inquire whether you can change the locks or not as an added safety precaution.

See if the Lights and Electrical Connections Work

The electrical connects along with the lights in the apartment, should work properly. Test the lights by turning them on and off a few times. Plus, check switches, plugs, and outlets by connecting devices to ensure they have power and work optimally. If any lights flicker or the electrical connections fail, it is indicative of a serious electrical problem which the landlord/property manager should address.

Inspect Apartment for Water Damage or Seepage

Water damage and seepage not only mar the appearance of a real estate, but they threaten its structural integrity and longevity. Thus, you should always check the apartment you want to rent for leaks and poor plumbing. Signs of water damage and seepage include wet walls/ceilings, water stains, warping/splitting of floors etc. It should be done before booking the removalists in Perth or you will have to cancel the booking and then again go through the process.

Check for Pests or Mould Infestation

Having pests or mould growth where you live can have serious health problems. You can suffer from asthma, allergies, food poisoning, infections and other issues which is why it is important to check the property for any signs of pests such as droppings, wood dust, chewed furniture, cobwebs, etc. Signs of mould development include black/brown/green spots on surfaces, musty odour, fuzz on walls/ceilings, and discolouration.

Wrapping Up

Renting an apartment is a significant investment and commitment. Thus, it is essential to review and check the unit before leasing it. If you are considering renting a unit, inspect the seven things mentioned above to make an informed decision. To review a property properly, make sure you start looking for units even before you book removalists in Perth and start packing, decluttering or other moving-related tasks.