7 Super Common Moving Myths Debunked!

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7 Super Common Moving Myths Debunked!

Apr 27, 2022 What if you finally found the house of your dreams after years of searching? You will be all set to go ahead and start the moving process. Relocating can be exciting and fun if you formulate a proper strategy and don’t pay attention to any misconceptions. Myths about relocating can make the process stressful and tiring and make you feel overwhelmed. To avoid this, you should know the moving myths and the reason for ignoring them. So, whether you are hiring reliable Perth removalists or planning to move on your own make sure to stay away from the myths mentioned below.

1. You Need To Move Everything At Once

The most common misconception about moving is that you must box up all your stuff and move everything in one day. However, it is always a good idea to take a few days to relocate your house to do it in a more organised and relaxed manner. Here are a few pointers on how you can go about the moving process: • Firstly, you should identify and pack all your essentials like kitchen stuff and bedding properly and load them on last so that you can unload them in your new house first. • After this, you can plan out how to get your non-essential stuff delivered later. • Next, you should identify your essential documents and transfer them separately to keep them safe. • Lastly, you must pack a bag with any necessities like food, a change of clothes, water, and toiletries to relax for a day or two in your new house before you start unboxing.

2. There Is No Need to Organise

Another common misconception is that you can pack your household perfectly without organising anything. If you have a lot of boxes and each one is filled with a variety of stuff, it will take you hours to set up your new place. To avoid this situation, you must: • Identify any items you don’t need and throw them away. • Secondly, get proper boxes for all your sturdy and reliable stuff. You can even take the opinion of professionals like removalists in Perth on what kind of boxes suit what items best. • Next, start organising your items in the boxes according to your rooms. This will make it easier to unpack one room at a time. • It would be best to start labelling all your items and boxes and you could even use different coloured tape or labels to mark all your boxes. Doing this will help you keep track of all your possessions.

3. Use Any Tape You Can Find

When organising your boxes, you need to use tape to secure and seal the boxes. A common myth is that you can use any tape to keep your boxes intact. This is not true as duct tape will not be able to hold your boxes intact for long and is also dangerous to use when packing any breakable or heavy stuff. You need to buy proper packing tape and use that to seal all your boxes to ensure that no items break or get damaged. It would help if you also used bubble wrap for fragile items so that they are well-protected.

4. Put Everything in Newspaper

Besides using the proper tape, you need to wrap all your items in the right paper. It is a common myth that your items will be safe if you wrap everything in newspaper. It would help if you did not do this, as the ink from the newspaper will rub off onto your items and damage the stuff. Instead, you can invest in proper packing paper to keep your items neat and well-intact.

5. Save Money and Do It Yourself

It is easy to think that now that all your boxes are organised, you will be able to transport them yourself. You can transport certain essential items on your own or in smaller boxes but taking on the task of moving all your boxes is a tedious and challenging process. You might have also believed the myth that moving your stuff will help you save money. This is not true as you end up spending money on: • Gas • Insurance for your items and vehicle • Road tolls • Parking permits • Packing materials • Moving equipment like straps, furniture pads and dollies Besides this, you will have to load and unload all boxes on your own and pay for any broken items. Instead of going through all this hassle, you should hire removalists in Perth to help you vacate your home and transport all your stuff with ease.

6. You Can Pick Any Removals Company

It would be best to make an informed decision when you choose a moving company to help you pack and move your stuff. To do this, you should: • Go through the websites of different removal companies. • Read the feedback and reviews. • Check what additional features each company offers, like packing services, padded trucks and settling-in features. • Do not be in a hurry, and always go for a trusted professional. It is always better to hire a known and experienced removal company that can pack, handle, load and unload all your items carefully in your new home.

7. Move On a Friday

A popular myth is that you should move on a Friday to unpack your household on the weekend. Instead, you should try and move on a weekday afternoon or evening when there is not much rush. If you are hiring a removalist in Perth, you will have to pay higher rates for the weekends, so it is always better to book on off-season days like a Monday or Tuesday. You must also book a removal company several weeks in advance to get the day and time you want.


Now that we have debunked the above myths, you can pack and relocate to your new home stress-free and peacefully.