7 Smartphone Apps to Make Moving House Easier

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Best Free Moving Apps to Help You Move

7 Smartphone Apps to Make Moving House Easier

May 21, 2020

Moving a house from one location to another is considered as life’s one of the stressful events. The entire process involves a lot of challenges- from searching for a suitable house to packing household belongings, arranging a moving vehicle to loading heavy boxes.

Instead of leaving moving tasks on the last few years, it is better to prepare everything ahead of time. This will minimise the relocation stress and also protect your belongings during the move.

For the safety of your valuable items, you can also hire the trained Perth Removalists within your estimated budget. They will take care of your delicate belongings and give you a hassle-free moving experience.

Apart from hiring professionals, you can also explore some great user-friendly smartphone applications to save time and energy. These cutting-edge apps can help you manage everything- from finding a new home to planning an entire moving day. You can arrange everything in a matter of a few clicks without any stress.

Below are 7 best online apps that will make moving a house super easy and trouble-free:

1. Move Advisor: Manage Your Relocation

Are you planning to move a house along with your small toddlers? House relocation always brings challenges, especially if you don’t plan things ahead of time. Fortunately, this user-interactive, fully-featured and reliable application lets to create moving checklist in a few clicks.

It has a moving timeline that tells you what you need to do each week so that you can manage your moving tasks accordingly. You can customise the timeline as per your schedule and make a list of things you need in proper order while preparing your relocation.

Key Features:

• Complete Control over the Moving Process
• Virtual Tour of Home Inventory
• Week-by-Week Timeline
• Set Reminders
• Free to Download and Install

Download, install and run this app if you are moving for the first time.

2. Floorplanner: Create Floor Plans Virtually

Millions of people have used this app to create customised floor plans virtually. The app makes it super easy for you to draw a 2D floor plan from scratch. Its drag and drop interface allows you to create a floor plan in no time.

Whether it is about creating a 3D drawing or decorating rooms, you can do it in just one click. All you need to do is to drag furniture and other belongings in your plan one by one or use Magic Layout option to have a complete room layout in a matter of a click.

Key Features:

• User-Friendly Interface
• Drag and Drop Option
• 2D and 3D exports in SD Resolutions
• Access to 3D Models
• Multiple Floors & Designs

It is available for Free, Plus and Pro pricing packages for individual users.

3. Home Move Pro: Enjoy a Stress-Free Move

It is a reliable, user-friendly and feature-rich moving app that allows the user to create a complete checklist and organise the entire relocation process without a hint of stress.

You can take audio and written notes, save photos, create a custom-made checklist and much more with this single app.

Key Features:

• Create multiple to-do lists
• Easy to create a photo log of your boxes
• Add notes to Images
• Free on Apple (iOS) devices

4. Moving Van App

Believe it or Not! Moving is one of the challenging and stress tasks, especially who are doing without professional. It is good to hire professional Removalists in Perth for a safe and trouble-free move.

If you are facing problems in managing your packed boxes, then download and install this app. Moving Van let to identify the contents of packed boxes when moving house from one place to another.

The app allows you to detail the contents of boxes you are packing, take photos of belongings and assign each box with a relevant name. This will not only organise your relocation process but also simplifies unpacking task.

Key Features:

• It is only for iOS devices
• Organise Moving Boxes
• Categorise the contents in your boxes
• Set Reminders
• Assign names to packed boxes

5. Moving Checklist Pro

Whether you are moving next to the street within Perth or across the new city, it is important to create a detailed checklist to avoid last-minute chores. With the help of Moving Checklist Pro app, you can set reminders, note down important tasks, set reminders and organise your entire relocation process.

Key Features:

• Create custom-made checklist
• Super-friendly check/uncheck option
• Rearrange Items and categories
• Share checklist with your friends and movers

The App is available for only iOS devices.

6. House Cleaning List App

This app work wonders when you are moving out of rental premises. Before leaving the property, you need to sterilise each and every corner of your house. The app allows you to create a complete cleaning checklist so that you can organise your chores without affecting your moving tasks.

Key Features:

• Cloud Sync & Cloud Share
• Quick Navigation
• Add Notes
• Customised cleaning checklist

7. Unpakt

Unpakt is one of the best smartphone applications that allow you to plan, book, and manage a move online. It is packed with tonnes of advanced features to simplify the entire relocation process without giving you a hint of stress. This will save you time, energy and money.

Key Features:

• Compare removal company prices and reviews
• Create and edit inventory list
• Track your moving expenses
• Moving plan customisation


These are some great apps that will make it super-easy for you to manage complicated and time-consuming moving tasks in a few clicks. If you want professional assistance, then search for the best Perth Removalists for a safe and damage-free transition of household belongings at the most affordable price.