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11 Mar, 2022

7 Smart Tips to Pack Outdoor Items Safely

When people pack their belongings during the relocation, they usually focus on everything inside the house. As a result, things that are outside the house – on your patio, porch, balcony and yard get overlooked. It can lead to confusion when moving house and increase your stress. Therefore, during the packing process, you should also focus on outdoor items from the beginning like outdoor furniture, swing set, BBQ, pots, plants, etc.

You cannot leave them for the last minute because packing these items often requires extra time, more effort, and special transportation arrangements. If you want to pack all the outside items along with the belongings inside the home in a hassle-free manner, then you need to hire the best removalists Perth. They follow a moving checklist and have expertise in packing all kinds of things. However, to carry out the task on your own and accomplish it perfectly, you need to follow some tactics.

Here are seven smart tips to pack outdoor items safely.

1. Disassemble Furniture If Possible

Remove all cushions and padding from the furniture. Make sure they are entirely dry in case you have washed them. Leave them under the sun for at least two days. To keep moisture out during the transportation, wrap the cushions and pads in a plastic garbage bag, push out all air, and seal the bag.

Label a large moving box and place the bags inside. The majority of sofas, chairs, lounge chairs, and tables can be packed as it is. However, if you can disassemble a piece, then go ahead and do so. You can better protect it from damage and save space on the truck.

2. Follow the Correct Approach When Packing

Do you want to relocate your patio umbrella safely and without any hassles? Before you want to pack it, wash it properly, open it and leave it under the sun for a few days to get completely dry. Close the umbrella and wrap it in plastic or bubble wrap when you are ready to pack it.

You can also bundle it up in a moving blanket and bind it with a heavy-duty cord in numerous places. If you do not know how to pack such items, you should contact a reliable removalists in Perth. Before finalising a company, learn how to choose a house moving company.

3. Clean Outdoor Items Before Packing

Before pack anything outdoor thing, make sure it is free from dust and insects. If you are packing BBQ, make sure you clean it first. Grills will be greasy, burnt, and dirty, with food splattered across the grates. Scrub them thoroughly, both inside and out, and allow them to dry. Remove all detachable parts and store them with the utensils in the same box. If you can lift the lid, wrap it with bubble wrap or old blankets and pack it separately. If it is already attached, use packing tape to secure it.

4. Take Picture of Complicated Things before Packing

If you are moving things like swing sets and playsets, take its pictures from numerous angles, so you have a visual guide for reference when you try to reassemble it. Remove the ropes, climbing nets, ladders, and slides after unhooking the swings. These things can easily get tangled with other items such as swings or ropes.

So, keep them in a bag and label them separately. Put screws and fasteners in a small bag while you disassemble the playset. To avoid the hassle of packing such complicated things, you should contact seasoned Perth removalists.

5. Avoid Unnecessary Stress and Hassles

Packing an outdoor item like trampoline can be tricky. Its packing and moving of a trampoline depend on the size of the trampoline and how far you are moving. Rent a trailer and move it yourself if you aren’t relocating too far. It will save you from the hassle and stress of disassembling and reassembling it. Use ratchet straps to secure it to the trailer.

If it is not feasible, you can unclip the pad from the frame and take it out. Remove all the hooks holding the skin in place and put the items inside a bag. Then fold the skin and the pad in half and disassemble the frame. Use bubble wrap to pack all the poles before securing them with tape. It is one of the foolproof packing and moving tips you should keep in your mind.

6. Ask for Help

Packing the outdoor items on your own can be very hectic, so you must ask your family and friends to help to disassemble and pack such items. If you do not have any helping hands, then hire certified removalists in Perth. They can save you time and efforts, so you can focus on other aspects of moving.

7. Take Extra Care of Delicate Things like Plants

It is not easy to move your delicate plants and pots. Extreme temperatures, too much or too little water, and harsh travel conditions will make a move difficult for them. To protect them, cover the branches with plastic sheets to protect them from loss of foliage during transportation.

You can also place them inside lined boxes with openings for ventilation. If you need to bind branches, do so carefully in the direction of the plant’s growth. Once you reach, uncover the plants as soon as possible. If feasible, transfer plants into plastic pots and wrap the ceramics and pottery separately.

Take Away

Packing and moving your outdoors items doesn’t have to be a stressful task. All you need to do is to make a packing checklist and follow the ways mentioned above. If you want to stay away from the packing of outdoor items, then hire professional removalists in Perth. There are several service providers in the market, so choose your removalist wisely. A genuine moving company will ensure the safety of your belongings.