7 Problems You Need To Know Before Moving To A New House

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7 Problems You Need To Know Before Moving To A New House

Apr 18, 2022 Moving to a new home is a big decision, especially if you are a working professional. There are several factors to consider before making the final decision. Many people relocate to a big city like Perth to build a better career, while some move to enjoy top-notch facilities and a high living standard. However, you may face certain complications or problems during the process. It is good to encounter the common issues and combat them to ensure a safe and sound moving experience. One of the best things you can do is hire the best Perth removalists for a smooth transition of household belongings. Here are 7 problems you need to know before relocating to a new home, and make sure you stay relaxed throughout the journey. Let’s Get Started!

1. Lack of Planning

You will face obstacles when you fail to plan your relocation journey. This is one of the biggest issues that need to be resolved for your next move. Instead of making silly excuses, focus on organising the schedule by jotting down tasks related to packing and moving. Create a proper and well-researched plan at least 8 weeks before your final moving day. Don’t forget to make plans for backups and accommodation in an emergency. Also, map out a floor place to ensure that the removalists know where they will be putting your furniture. Also, plan your finances by creating a rough moving budget and keep a close eye on your expenses throughout the process.

2. The New Home is Not Ready

Nothing can be worse than moving to a house which is not in a proper condition. It is important to read the red flags of an unready house: • Wet paint on the walls • Dusty or messy floors • Unpolished windows • Locked fences • Dust-laden surfaces, etc. To solve this problem, you need to plan when the home is scheduled to be ready. Give at least 2 months for preparations to avoid last-minute chaos. Once the renovation has been done, you can plan your moving journey.

3. Getting Scammed

Moving scams are scary because there is a risk of losing all your precious household belongings. Believe it or not! The most common scams are demanding a deposit before relocating, not assuming liability for damaged goods, not inspecting the household belongings, asking for hidden fees or charging extra money for unnecessary things. If you are not tracking your precious items, some frauds may make off with some of your precious items. So, the best thing you can do is search for experienced, reliable and renowned removalists Perth. Do proper research, ask your friends and relatives, read online reviews and ask relevant questions to the company before making the final decision. These are some of the best ways to choose a house moving company for a stress-free experience.

4. Poor Packing

Packing certain items, such as musical instruments, flat-screen television, chandeliers and a pool table, require special skills. If you don’t do it properly, you could lose them during the loading or transporting process. So, understand the need for our special belongings and hire a company that can offer you quality packing services at the best price. They will bring quality materials and use the best methods to ensure your belongings’ utmost safety.

5. Damaged Items

Some moving professionals are clumsy and do not take proper care of your delicate items while lifting, loading and moving. Sometimes, the belongings break in the truck. The solution to this problem is proper packing. Use bubble wrap, packing paper and, of course, extra cushioning to prevent items from being damaged. Also, hire a good company with at least 5-6 years of moving experience. They will take care of your possessions and transit them safely to your new home. You also need a moving insurance so that you can stay relaxed throughout the process.

6. Not Having an External Storage Unit

Some people move from a big home to a studio apartment, and they want an extra space to store some of their household belongings. In such a scenario, people end up selling their pre-loved items. Most moving companies in Perth offer long term and short term storage options where you can put your belongings. They will take care of your items in a safe, secure and well-featured warehouse. It is good to search for storage options ahead of time.

7. No Supply of Utilities

What if you just moved into your new home and found out that the basic utilities, such as water, gas and electricity, are not working? This is horrifying, especially when you reach home after a long and hectic moving day. Plan in advance and transfer your utilities on time to avoid this issue. Always remember that this will take 1 to 3 days to transfer the utility services. So do it before moving to your new home.


Proper planning is a key to combating all the moving fears and problems. Make sure you keep these 7 issues in mind and find the best ways to avoid them. For better results, book professional Perth Removalists and ensure a safe and sound move.