The 7 Most Popular Perth Suburbs For Renters

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The 7 Most Popular Perth Suburbs For Renters

Aug 14, 2020 Perth is blessed with some excellent beaches, great climate, beautiful nature reserves and parks. The capital city of Western Australia also offers relaxed pace of life, friendly atmosphere, better job opportunities and educational facilities. All these factors make it an ideal place to move and settle down. Whether you are single and professional or planning to relocate with family, this place is perfect for you. Hire professional removalists in Perth to move in a quick and stress-free manner. However, as the city is a bit expensive, people prefer to stay in a rental property instead of buying one. If you are also planning to move to Perth, you should know the best place to rent a house. Here is a list of popular Perth suburbs for renters. Let’s have a look!

1. Baldivis

Baldivis is one of the most popular suburbs in Perth and attracts a lot of people from every corner of the country. It offers greenery, privacy, peaceful environment and affordable accommodation to the tenants. The median rent for a house in Baldivis is $350 per week while the median rent for a unit is $280. The total population of this suburb is more than 32k, and 66% of the families have children. So, if you are planning to move to Perth and looking for a place that offers cheap rental properties, choose this suburb. Relocating to this suburb will allow you to this place with your kids, you will be able to visit exciting places like Perth Aqua Park and Baldivis Children’s Forest.

2. Scarborough

Scarborough is best known for its exceptional beach with crystal clear water and white sands. It is a family-friendly place that offers all essential amenities. This suburb also offers easy access to the beach, shopping centres, cafe and restaurants. That is why many people who move to Perth prefer to stay in this suburb. Another factor that inspires people to choose this place is its reasonable rent which has further reduced lately. The median rent of a house in this suburb is $350 per week. It is an ideal place for families with kids as well as professionals. It has a total population of over 15k, and the majority of the people live in rental property.

3. Mayland

Mayland is an excellent place for singles, professional couples as well as young families to experience the best of Perth. Located right on the northern bank of the Swan River, this place is quite close to the city and has easy access to some great schools. The median rent in this suburb is $300. If you are moving to Perth, then you must consider living in this suburb. The total population is more than 13k, and the majority stay in rental property. If you want to make a smooth relocation, hire cheap removalists in Perth. If you stay here, you can visit places like Hay Street Mall, Aspects of Kings Park and Willie Creek Pearls Elizabeth Quay. All these places are excellent options for shopping.

4. Rivervale

Rivervale is another excellent suburb in Perth and is ideal for Retirees, families with kids, professionals as well as singles. It offers parks & recreation, excellent public transport, neighbourly spirit security, cleanliness & greenery but most importantly cheap rental property. The median rent for a house is $330 per week. That is why a lot of people prefer to move to Rivervale. This suburb has an overall population above 10k, and 51% of the people live in rental property. It has easy access to the main city, which is hardly 5 kilometres. To spend some quality time, Cracknell Park is an excellent nearby option for the youngsters. If you want to experience some adventure with your family, Rivervale has a vertical wind tunnel and indoor skydiving facility where everyone can fly.

5. Redcliffe

Redcliffe is another affordable and beautiful suburb which is only 8 kilometres from the city. So, it attracts a lot of professionals. Moreover, as it safe, peaceful and offer good neighbourhood and greenery, many families also choose this place. More than 60% of the families have with children. It is a vibrant multicultural suburb which is the home of St Maria Gorretti – one of the most famous private school in this region. The median rent of a house in this place is $320 per week while $280 for units. If you want to move here smoothly and cost-effectively, hire cheap removalists in Perth. This suburb has a total population over 5k and 36% of the people here live in the rental property. If you move to this suburb, you will be able to visit some popular places in Perth with your family such like Kings Park and Botanic Garden, The Perth Mint, Perth Zoo, Art Gallery of Western Australia, etc.

6. Cloverdale

Cloverdale is a fantastic suburb for families. It has easy access to shopping centres, airport and all the highways. Moreover, it is only 8 kilometres away from the main city. That is why it is popular for the renters. If you are planning to move here, you are making the right choice. It has excellent schools and offers a peaceful environment, greenery and privacy to its people. Its total population is more than 8k, and 58% of the families have children. The affordable rental amount in this suburb is another crucial reason why people prefer to move here. The median house rent in Cloverdale is $320 per week, and thus, 37% of the population live in rental property. If you are moving with your kids, you can take them to Faulkner Park and Volcano Playground.

7. Nollamara

Nollamara is a friendly, peaceful and quiet suburb which ideal for the families as well as professionals and retirees. The affordable rental price attracts a lot of people to move here. The media rent Nollamara is only $320 per week. This place has a total population above 12k, and 44% of the people live on rent. As the main city is not that far, you can visit popular places like Aviation Heritage Museum, St. Mary’s Cathedral in Perth, and The Bell Tower with your family and spend some quality time. Searching the right place for renting may require some research. So, spend more time on it and hire professionals for packing and moving your belongings.


People who plan to move to Perth often face the confusion that whether they should buy a house or rent a property. Experts believe that if you are moving to a new area, it is always beneficial to go for the rental property. It not only saves your money but also allows you to analyse a place before you make a decision.