7 Important Moving Tips That Everyone Should Know

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7 Important Moving Tips That Everyone Should Know

Apr 28, 2018

Changing house is wearing and debilitating. It can be extremely stressful, mainly because you have to pack everything and take it from one place to another. Relocating is exciting, only until you realise the vast amount of things you have to pack and complete a range of tasks before you move. It is time-consuming, and that’s why you need to have considerable attention to details. By following few essential tips like proper planning, an exceptionally detailed checklist and execution and by considering some other relevant factors, you will be able to accomplish the task of relocation successfully.
Regardless of how well you prepare for your move or plan in advance, the chances are high that you may forget few crucial things. Lack of experience may also add up to the stress and fretfulness. Therefore, it is highly advisable to get the professional assistance of experienced furniture removalist in Perth. They have a reliable team of workers who will make the entire process quick and simpler.
Following are 7 important moving tips that everyone should know:

1. Write down the master plan

Start planning from that moment you get to know about your relocation. Write down the plan and all the steps involved. Moving is not easy, and it is going to take ample amount of time in preparing everything. There are so many tasks involved; that it gets difficult to concentrate. Therefore, it’s fundamental that you create a master plan and write down all the critical points involved. It will have everything you need to do, move or clean and when it all needs to be done.
It will involve all the errands such as getting boxes, renting a storage unit, cancelling utilities etc. It will be very beneficial if you make a list of what order the things should be done. Also, make sure you have this list handy so that you can keep on checking time to time what all has been done, and what still needs your attention.

2. Pack smartly

Packing your items is the chief task that needs to be done for your move. However, to make it easier, you need to pack smartly. Don’t start throwing everything in the boxes, check before you pack and refrain from anything that you don’t need anymore.
Pack fragile items with extra protection and do not keep multiple things in one box where you already have such items.
When moving heavy furniture or large items, disassemble them to avoid breakage and pack them in small boxes. This will reduce the cost by reducing the number of trucks you need to move.
Also, don’t forget to label all the boxes that you pack. Label all the boxes so that you know where to put them in your new home and make sure all of the boxes are correctly sealed. It will ease the process of unpacking. You can unload and keep the boxes as per their location with the help of the labels.

3. Give away, sell or throw away as many things as you can

One effective method to lessen the burden of packing is to get rid of the unwanted stuff that you have at your house.
Decluttering will help in reducing all the stuff that you have to pack for your relocation. The more things you will get rid of the less you will have to pack.
If you don’t know what to do all those unnecessary things, then you can arrange a garage sale and sell them out. Give stuff away to friends, or you can also donate them. So look through your furniture, clothes, kitchen supplies, backyard, and sort out the things.

4. Separate the essential box

Packing your daily essentials in a separate box is vital while moving. The whole process of relocation can be so exhausting that you can’t start unpacking the day you reach. You also will need some time to relax before you start removing and setting the stuff at your new house.
When you get to your new place, you’ll first need some essential things that are your basics at a close reach! Items like – paper towels, toiletries, linen, medicines, phone chargers, clothes, trash bags etc. This will make your few initial days a lot more comfortable.

5. Documentation

It’s important to get done with all your moving related documentation as soon as you can. Inform your utility providers in Perth to switch the services to your new house. It will be beneficial if you get all the utilities fixed before you reach your new house so that you don’t have to face any inconvenience.
Make sure you collect and organise all the records and essential documents such as personal documents, property related and financial documents, medical records and school records etc. You may need any of these papers after the relocation anytime; hence it’s vital that you have them with you in the hour of emergency.

6. Hire a reputable moving company

Moving to a new location can be tricky as there are many risks involved. Hiring a professional removalist will free you from many time-taking errands such as packing, loading, arranging for moving vehicles etc.
Moreover, quality removalists also provide insurance for your goods that can get damaged during the transit. You won’t get such protection of your stuff, in case you don’t hire professionals.
Also, before hiring a removalist, make sure you take recommendations from your friends and family to see if they have had past experiences with any removalists. Also, do check the removal companies’ reputation and whether the company is licensed by the government. Ask for quotes and compare the services provided by these companies to choose the ideal option.

7. Clean your house

Cleaning your house before you relocate is essential. Whether it is a rented property or your own home, you have to clean it properly. If it’s your property, then you have to make it ready for the next buyers in case you are selling it. And if you are vacating a rented property, then cleaning the house becomes imperative so that you get the full refund of your bond money.
Getting your house cleaned before moving is a crucial step. You can do it yourself or hire expert cleaners. However, recruiting professional cleaning company in Perth will be a better option as at the time of relocation you will be too busy with other major chores. You may not be able to get enough time to pay attention carefully to the cleaning task.


To avoid the anxiety of relocation, it’s vital that you stay calm and follow your plan step by step. There are many tasks involved, but following the most critical and basics tips as mentioned here will make it easier. Also, employing reliable removalists like Better Removalists Perth will ease out the whole course of action. The professional removalists are highly experienced and trained with the moving house that you will not feel any burden once you hire them.