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13 Sep, 2019

7 Household Problems to Fix Before You Move In

Are you moving to a new place with your family? No doubt, the entire relocation is an overwhelming process for both the elders as well as children. From packing household items to searching for the best Perth Removalists, everything needs to be done on time. The moving day comes up with a lot of stress as you have to ensure that all your valuables reach the new house safely and securely. So prepare everything in advance.

But before loading up your moving truck have you ever considered the most overlooked household issues that need to be fixed as soon as possible. Most issues should be identified during the inspection of the home before the closing. After examining the problems, you need to overhaul them before moving in.

Today, we have created a list of seven major household problems that need to be sorted out before relocating to the new house.

1. Crippled Windows

This is one of the neglected problems when it comes to moving into the new house. You might have overlooked the drafty windows, but they could drastically affect the temperature inside your home. So, it is better to replace them prior to your final move-in.

Call the best window company in Perth to the new house so that they can take measurements and provide you with estimated quotes. You can also arrange all the new windows before the final moving day.

Since replacing old windows with the new ones is a time-consuming process, make sure you do it at least a week before your move-in.

2. Structural Issues

It is important to point out the structural problems during the inspection of the home. Structural problems with the house might consist of roof damage, drywall damage, water damage or slopping floors. So, no matter how big your home is, make sure it should be structurally safe.

If not checked properly during the inspection, it could become a serious problem when you move in. To handle this situation, you should strive to fix all the structural problems as soon as possible.

3. Pests Related Problems

Moving to a new house always brings joy and excitement. But it can easily get squashed if there is a problem of nasty pests and bugs. It is good to encounter and resolve the pest related issue or taking action for pest control before loading up your moving truck.

To combat this, you should consider hiring the best pest control service in Perth who can examine and assess the home prior to your relocation. Since the whole process consists of spraying harmful chemicals and gases, make sure you do it at least 15 days before your move.

4. Damaged Electronic Appliances

Appliances like a microwave, an oven, refrigerator, a coffee maker or any electronic machine that saves you time and energy. They should be in working condition when you move into your new house.

Getting into problems related to these appliances will make your day-to-day activities harder. You will face difficulties in unpacking your stuff and settling into the new place. If you can’t wash clothes and dishes in your appliances, you are going to spend all your weekends in the new home, annoyed and frustrated.

So, it is better to repair old appliances or buy necessary ones and schedule installation before your move-in.
Tip: Make arrangements for new appliances at least a week before your move.

5. Cosmetic Problems

Cosmetic problems like painting an entire property, polishing the furniture, cleaning the interior or remodelling the kitchen – everything needs to be fixed before relocating to the new home. It is important to resolve these issues so that your kids feel happy when they enter the house.

So, patch the holes on walls or the floor, paint the walls, refinishing the hardwood floors and make other cosmetic changes a month prior to your move.

Tip: Hire trained Perth Removalists for the safe and secure packing of your belongings. This will also help you focus on fixing cosmetic problems in your new house.

6. Faulty Wiring

Yes, this is one of the major electrical problems when it comes to moving into the new house. Make sure you check all the wiring and fix all the issues so that you ensure a safe atmosphere for your family.

While big electrical issues should be solved before the move-in, there are certain things such as frayed wiring, changing faulty light bulbs and switches can be fixed just after the move-in. But you can call a qualified electrician and fix it before you relocate the new home.

7. Drainage Issues

This includes storm or rain gutters and how your lawn slopes to direct water flow towards gutters in the street. The problem arises when storm water gutters start to clog or downspouts that don’t smoothly direct water away from the house. This could leave water stains in the basement – so make sure you address this issue as soon as possible.

The solution to this problem is cleaning the gutters to prevent clogs. So, solve the issue of poor drainage and shift into your new house.


There is no denying the fact that moving to the new house brings the next level of excitement. But don’t forget to inspect your new house and fix the common household issues before you move-in. You can take assistance from Perth Removalists for safe and secure packing and shifting processes. This will also help you focus on resolving the problems mentioned above in this article.