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20 Apr, 2020

7 Expert Tips On How To Find A Good Removal Company In Perth

Are you approaching the end of tenancy and worried about managing the challenging task? Then the best thing to do is create your budget to book removalists in Perth that can help make the process of packing and transporting your property contents smooth.

Hiring professionals will take off the burden handling and transporting the belongings without damage and give you ample time to complete other moving-related formalities. However, booking reliable and good removalists is necessary to ensure the relocation is managed as per your requirements and expectations.

How can you find a good removal company in Perth that can arrange for professional and experienced personnel to help? Here are some expert moving tips by reckoned removalists in Perth to provide guidance.

1. Check if the Company Provides a Free Quote

Most good and reliable removals companies in Perth provide free quotes to customers online or over a call. You can receive the quote over email by filling a form on their website where you can input details. In addition, you can talk to the company’s representative and let them your requirements to get the estimate. A good company provides free quotes and is ready to contest the quotes from competitors as well because they are in the business to help people move besides making a profit.

2. Does the Company Guarantees Damage-Free Movement?

Removal companies that have reliable resources with experience and the necessary equipment to handle/transport goods can provide damage-free movement guarantee. They give the assurance that all the belongings will be packed, loaded/unloaded, and transported safely and without causing any damage to the contents. A company that does not provide damage-free handling and delivery guarantee at the time of booking is not a good removal company.

3. Can the Company Arrange for Moving Insurance?

Reputed and reliable removal companies in Perth can arrange for third-party moving insurance for its clients. Besides offering damage-free handling and transport guarantee, these companies provide assistance to clients who want to have moving insurance to protect the contents during transit.

Please note: Removal companies cannot directly sell moving insurance and can only help clients by providing a reference to an insurance company. If a company advertises that it sells moving insurance, then it is not reliable and should be reported.

4. Read Reviews and Ask for Client References

Researching about removal companies near you to find good ones is necessary to protect against scams. After shortlisting a few companies, the best way to know if the company is reliable is to read reviews online. Furthermore, you can contact the company to ask for client references. Most reputable companies will readily provide contacts of people who have availed their services, and you will be able to make your decision on the feedback of these clients.

5. Ask about the Refund, Rescheduling, and Cancellation Policies?

Inquiring about the refund, rescheduling and cancellation policies of a removal company will help you know if the company is worth booking. Usually, good and reputed removal companies in Perth have customer-centric policies that enable them to help the clients reschedule or cancel within 24 hours of booking. Moreover, they provide a refund if cancellation is within 24 hours the contents or in the worst case your belongings were damaged during handling/delivery.

6. Learn about the Company’s Reputation and their Industry Experience

The best way to judge if a company is good and reliable is to learn about the company’s market reputation and how long it has been in business. Most trustable companies are part of the industry for years, have rave reviews, completed numerous jobs, and have the resources to complete removals jobs on time. Their removalists are professionals, have the right equipment, and have years of experience.

7. Inquire about the Varied Services the Removals Company Offers and its Resources

A good removals company will be able to provide a host of services such as packing services and local/interstate/ international moving services, furniture removals, specialised moving solutions, and much more. They have a team of experienced professionals and provide then with the equipment to manage different types of removals jobs.

Hence, to know if a company can offer reliable and excellent removal services – inquire about their services, availability of personnel, ability to provide customised solutions etc. A good removal company will be able to meet your requirements and expectations with ease


Moving to a new home can be challenging, and by booking a reliable removalists in Perth, you can elevate the stress tremendously. If you follow the tips provided by experts above, then finding a reliable company who can provide experienced and professional removalists will be an easy task. By booking a reputed company, you can focus on completing other moving-related tasks and not worry about handling and transportation of your property contents anywhere in Perth.