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27 Oct, 2020

7 Essential Tips For Moving House With A Pet

Relocation itself is a difficult process, but when you are moving house with a pet, things are expected to get way more confusing and challenging. To accomplish the task in a hassle-free manner, it requires proper planning, considerable amount of efforts and a little bit of patience.

In case, you want to save you time or pay more attention to your pet, you should opt for reliable removalists in Perth. The professionals take care of the packing and loading of your belongings. As a result, you can look after your furry friend and not remain preoccupied with your moving responsibilities. Allow the experts to handle all the hectic tasks so you can stay stress-free.

There are many more tactics that you can follow to make things easier. Read on to know more about the tips to move with your pet in a stress-free manner.

1. Make Your Plans Early

When you are relocating house with a pet, you must start your preparation early. Executing your moving responsibilities properly and taking care of your pet at the same time can be a challenging task. Thus, you need to make your plans early so that you don’t need to finish things off in a hustle.

You must have enough time in your hand so that you can focus on the essential aspects and accomplish the task in an organised manner. From packing pet essentials to keeping them safe on the final day, plan for everything appropriately.

2. Prepare your Pet for the Move

Relocation can be a stressful time for the pets too. They feel comfortable and secure in their familiar territory, so relocating them to a new place can be something that can make them anxious. The best ways to deal with the problem is to prepare them for the move.

If you are relocating with you cats, introduce them to cat carrier by making the place cosy for them with a blanket and keeping treats inside it. Usually, cats do not like to stay inside a crate or carrier, so you need to make efforts to make it familiar before moving. In case you are relocating with dogs, they need to know the smell of that new place. So, if possible, take them to the new place and let walk in the new locality before you relocate.

3. Pack Essential Belongings of Pet

When you are packing up your things, you must ensure that you pack all the essential belongings of your pet in a separate bag. It will help you during the move and also a few days after you relocate.

The separate box should have items like a leash, poop bags, cat litter, blankets, pet food, water bowls. It should also have something to keep them occupied like bones, favourite toys, treats, etc. Pack all these things in the last and unpack first after moving to your new place. If you are using your vehicle to relocate, keep your pet and their belongings with you.

4. Keep Your Pets Safe on Moving Day

Whether you are relocating on your own or hired a removals company in Perth, moving day means the door will get open several times. If you are not careful, the pet can go out and that can turn your moving day into a chaos. Sending rescue team to search your pet is the last thing you want to do on your relocation day.

They can also get injured when the professionals are loading your bulky furniture. So, to accomplish your move in a safe and hassle-free manner, make sure that your pet remains safe on that day. Also take care that they do not become a distraction for you or the professionals. Sending them to a pet care centre or a friend’s place for the day is an excellent way to keep them safe and happy.

5. Maintain the Routine of your Pet

When you are preparing to relocate, you get involved in numerous moving responsibilities. So, it can be very difficult to focus on your pet’s routine. However, the experts believe that you must pay attention to the requirements of your pet. So, take your dogs out for a walk like you usually do and feed them in their regular time.

Whatever is the routine of your dog, make your best efforts to maintain that. Whether it is about playing with the kids during early morning or taking an afternoon nap, allow them to do it. It will lower the anxiety to keep them healthy during the stressful moving time.

6. Find a New Veterinarian before You Relocate

When you are relocating house with a pet, it is essential that first, you get in touch with a Veterinarian where you are moving. It will help you to keep your pets healthy after relocating to the new place.

You current veterinarian may recommend you a few good vets in your new area. Collect prescriptions of your pet and also take advice from the vet on how to look after your pets during the travelling. After moving, immediately visit your new vet for a regular check-up of the pets.

7. Hire Professionals

Moving house with a pet is never an easy thing to do. Thus, it is always advisable to hire experienced removalists in Perth. As the experts can help you to complete the packing of your belongings and loading of the boxes, appliance, furniture, etc., you get time to focus on your pets. It ensures their safety throughout the process and keeps them calm. The presence of experts can make your relocation process a lot easier.


When you are moving house, not only you but your adorable pets also experience stress. It is because the relocation changes their surroundings and routine. That is why you need to pay more attention to your pets during the transition and make sure they settled comfortably in the new place. So, follow the tips mentioned above to complete the task in a stress-free manner.