5 Points To Consider While Moving Fragile Materials

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5 Points To Consider While Moving Fragile Materials

Apr 29, 2019 Whether you are taking your rare antique collection or a large dressing table, moving any delicate item can cause jitters. It is hurtful when a mirror, TV or any other fragile item slips from your hand and smashes into many tinny pieces during a move. Packing delicate items during the moving process is the most crucial steps. You need to be extremely careful while moving your fragile materials, especially if it is a far distance move. Such items easily shatter due to the vibrations or sharp cuts by the moving truck. That’s why it is imperative to pack the fragile items properly using quality materials. Most of the people who are moving to a new house in Perth prefer hiring the best Perth removalists who can protect their fragile belongings until delivering it to the final destination. They professionally pack the items using high-quality supplies and carefully move on to the truck for a safe and secure transition. But if you are doing the packing task yourself, then consider following these five exceptional tricks. These tips will keep your fragile materials intact throughout the moving process. Let’s get started!

1. Gather all the Fragile Items

Before getting into the packing process, make sure you identify all the delicate items you will need to take with you. It could be anything such as mirrors, piece of artwork, antiques, kitchenware, dishes, electronics and other decorative items. Make a list of all these things and set them separate in a safe area. You can also use this list to get insurance for your valuable items in the transit. When you start the process in a systematic way, you will get better ways to protect your expensive and breakable items.

2. Spend on the best quality of packing supplies

Packing of household belongings for a move is crucial. It is good to invest in high-quality materials, especially when it comes to protecting fragile items. Once you have gathered all your fragile materials, you will get a better idea of how many packing supplies to buy. It is vital to buy high-quality materials and apply expert packing techniques, if you want to keep your items safe from vibrations and bumps in the moving truck. You should have everything that can give your delicate items extra padding and cushioning throughout the process. It is always good to create a list of all the things you will be needed during the packing process. This will include: Packing Tapes: These are used to close the packed boxes so that they can be lifted without any damage. You can also use them to make your boxes durable, especially if you are moving to the other city from Perth. Packing Paper:  It proves the most useful materials in protecting delicate items from breaking during a transition. Scissors, Labels and Permanent Markers : Don’t forget to add them in the list of things you will be needed during the packing of your fragile belongings. Plastic Zipper-Lock Bags : Provide a shield of protection from breaking during a move. Packing Boxes: Use sturdy, strong and dry boxes to give more durability to entire packing. Bubble Wraps: Protruding air-filled bubbles provide great cushioning for fragile items when you pack them properly.

3. Pack with Extreme Care

Wrapping fragile items such as mirrors, antique pieces, kitchenware, artworks and other stuff is very important if you want to keep them intact from scratches and shocks on the way. You can pack your items carefully using a bubble wraps and high-quality packing paper. Apart from this, make sure you provide extra cushioning while putting them into the moving boxes. Use crumbled newspapers, thermocol sheets, expanded polystyrene peanuts, etc. to keep extra protecting during a move. Many people forget to use padding while putting fragile items in a moving box. You should give your breakable items an extra layer of protective shield so that you can lift and load without a hint of a stress. Make sure you keep your fragile items 2 inches away from all sides of your box and fill the space with these cushioning materials. Tip: It is good to look for a removal company in Perth who can offer you quality packing services at the best price.

4. Securely Wrap Small Items

If you know the right packing trick, you can safely move smaller items with ease. You can use archival tissues to pack glassware, dishes and other breakable items like watches and jewellery. Once done with the wrapping process, put them in a box, and then put that box inside another one. Make use of packing peanuts or foam in empty spaces for extra cushioning. Tip: It is good to consider hiring trained removalists in Perth because they the right tricks of packing all types and sizes of household items. They can reduce the stress out of your move and give you peace of mind.

5. Packing Electronic Items

The best trick to pack electronic items is to use its original packing box because it is customised according to the size and shape and wrap it for safe removal. For the smaller electric appliance, make sure you re-package them in the original container and then place them in multiple boxes. In case you don’t have the original packing, you need to find a resourceful alternative to ensure your expensive items are safe during the lifting and moving process. Tip: Don’t forget to check the manual copy to see whether there is any special packing instruction or not. If not, then remove the batteries from devices and store them in unused devices. Also, remove the disks and cartridges from DVD players and game consoles.


Safety and security is must while packing fragile items for a move. These tricks will save you from worrying about the scratches and damages on your expensive and precious delicate items. For more protection, you can avail a high-quality packing service from a trusted removal company in Perth. They will pack your belongings with extreme care using best quality of supplies and innovative techniques.