5 Important Tips To Move Interstate Easily

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5 Important Tips To Move Interstate Easily

Dec 27, 2017

Whether you have procured a new job in the new city or are looking ahead for a transition, the concept of moving to an unfamiliar place can be a daunting one. Planning for an interstate move will need more time and resources than moving a short distance.
Regardless of how promising your future is in the new place, it is a big life-changing decision to make. But once you have made the decision, start working on the details of your interstate move with the help of a reliable and cheap interstate removalist in Perth.
Here are a few tips for you to kick-start the movement and guide your pre-move planning in the right direction.

1. Research and Prepare a master plan

Prepare a complete master plan of all the things to be done for the relocation process, including contacting all the service providers, finding a new home, collecting all the legal and medical documents, finding a new school for kids, packing strategy etc. You should also consider the funds you have to allocate for the move, transportation to be used, any help you can get from family and friends etc.
No master plan can be complete without proper research, and if it is about moving to a new city, it becomes all the more important. Gather as much information as you can about your new town on the internet as well as by personal visit. It is very important to know your new place well as you are moving from a familiar place to a completely unknown environment and people.
It is essential to familiarise yourself with it as much as you can, by reading about the weather, people, festivals, landscapes, places to visit and much more. You can also search for local businesses, restaurant suggestions, recreational activities or social clubs and even visit the city and talk to people, ask questions and take a tour of the neighbourhoods to get the physical feel of the area.

2. De-clutter your stuff

Make a detailed list of everything you have, and work out on what you would want to take along. Always remember while sorting that you will have to pay a cost for everything you decide to take along. So, it is better to keep emotions aside and make four piles: pack, sell, donate and throw.
After organising everything, arrange a garage sale, sell items online and find out appropriate charities to donate stuff. You can also gift some things to your friends like your wine bottles, books or your flower pots. The less superfluous stuff you take with you, the easier it will be for you to manage the move and unpack later.

3. Initiate your moving arrangements

Relocation is a long and complicated process, and thus you should give yourself plenty of time for it. According to Better Removalists Perth, you should start making arrangements for your move at least two months in advance.
Start looking for a professional moving company in Perth for your move and request a quote from them. For this, you should go through the records and customer reviews of the company and then call their representative. You can also get detailed information about the services they offer and the amount they would charge for it. Make the final decision and book your move.
Contact a local real estate agent in your new state and get his help to find a new home for yourself. Whether you wish to rent a house in Perth or buy a new one, you will need the help from someone who is well versed in this field. A good realtor can guide you accurately and narrow down your search according to your choice and thus save your time and energy.
Your realtor can also guide you about some good schools for your kids and help you with the process.
Gather all your records and documents like birth certificates, school records, medical reports, social security cards etc. Keep them in a separate clear bag and make sure that you pack them in safe and handy bags.
Notify all the utility companies about your move in your new state as well for your old home. Make provisions that you get all the utilities working a week before your move in your new house and call your current utility companies to turn off the cable, gas, electricity etc. one week after you move out of your current home.

4. Select your moving method

You have already chosen a removalist in Perth, and now you need to decide whether you would like to hire some extra services from them like packing, loading and unpacking everything. Some people opt for engaging the services of Perth removalists only for move bulky and large items and manage everything else themselves.
For this you have to take into consideration the cost of the services offered by the removalist. As it is an interstate move and involves crossing state lines, it is better to leave the job to removalists like Better Removalists Perth who have experience and expertise in handling such moves.

5. Pack and Transport

Start packing as early as possible. If you have decided to take help of a professional removalist in Perth, then you need not worry as they can perform this task quickly but if you have chosen to pack yourself, you should start with it out as soon as possible.
Start with collecting boxes for the items you have in your inventory. Some things like wine bottles and glassware need special attention while packing. Also, arrange for the packing supplies like bubble wrap, old rugs, newspapers, packing paper, strong packing tape etc.
Pack all the non-essential items first. These are the items which are not in regular use and thus you would not need them immediately. Allot a separate room for the packed items and keep all the boxes after labelling them appropriately.
Finally, pack and prepare the kitchen and all the essentials for the move, as you would need these items until the last day and will unpack them first in your new home.
Now, hand over all the packed boxes to your removalist and provide them with the inventory list, prepared before packing.

Wrapping Up

As we all know that an interstate move is not an easy job and you can face many complications, it is better to hire a professional moving company like Better Removalists Perth for the job and ensure a safe and uneventful move.