5 Important Tips To Efficiently Pack During A Move

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5 Important Tips To Efficiently Pack During A Move

Oct 22, 2017 Packing is an art, and it requires a lot of expertise to complete it professionally. If you are not packing correctly, unpacking the things can be very tiring when you reach the new destination. The packing should be in such a manner that all your essentials items for easy access. Whether you are moving or hiring a removalist, packing should be done in a well-planned manner. One vital aspect of packing is to gather all your supplies, like packing tape, bubble wrap, labels and labelling pens at one place. When packing your stuff, ensure you pack single bulky items with smaller lighter items in a little box. Through this packing, you are not overloading it and making it easy to move. If you are looking for an easy, flawless moving experience? Or if you just need storage, you can try hiring experienced and affordable Perth Removalists. Another important part of hiring the service of removalist is to inquire whether the company is authentic or not. You should also map the route from where your belongings are shifting. It will give you a clear picture regarding your removals. Here are some of the essential tips required for proper packing. These packing tips will help you a lot.

Sort Things by Category

For the hassle free packing, you have to declutter and organise your belongings by category, not by room. For example, you want to unpack only the toiletries items then you don’t have to search here and there. Just look for those boxes which comprise of toiletries items. If you are packing your apparels means everything like a coat closet, dirty clothes hamper, and laundry room everything in one place. This thing stands same for all your stuff. If you have some items which are no longer in use and in good condition, it is better to donate them to charities in Perth.

Master Moving Checklist

If you are planning to move, you have an enormous amount of work to do and remember. The best way to handle the entire things is to make a master moving checklist. This checklist will help you in packing all the stuff in a hassle-free manner. Imagine if you are engaged in preparing a list before packing a single box. Proper planning makes a shifting task a lot easier. Packing exact cardboard boxes for each item is the right choice. Whether it is about packing books or delicate items, you can make use of different sizes of moving boxes to ensure the maximum safety during the lifting and transition process.

Packing and Moving Supplies

If you are packing, don’t forget to bring your packing and moving supplies. These supplies are very useful in avoiding all kinds of damages. Make a complete list of items Make sure you have all the necessary packing materials such as packing paper, packing tape, bubble wrap, heavy-duty plastic bags, moving boxes, labels, markers, etc. Instead of buying moving boxes, you can look for used ones from a grocery store or liquor shop in your area. If you want an eco-friendly moving experience, then you can use blankets, towels, bedsheets and old clothes to pack your delicate household items. You can avoid using bubble wraps and use environmentally-friendly packing materials for house relocation. It is known that stretch film can act as a lifesaver for your belongings. Packing should be done properly as slightest movement will add scratches, scrapes, and chips. You should be smart while choosing the packing material for your products and use them correctly.

Labelling Items

Moving your stuff from one place to another is not fun. It requires proper planning. An organised move makes your removal work a lot easier. The key finding the exact product is the right labelling. Labelling plays an important role when you unpack the boxes as it helps you to know precisely the container you are looking for. The entire labelling should be accurate and transparent to avoid any confusions.

Fragile Items

While dealing with the fragile item ensure you pack it with packing paper, bubble wrap, or blankets. As the absence of this kind of packing may lead to damage. You have to be smart enough while dealing with the delicate items. While packing, stuff paper inside the antique and wrap it around your valuable possession to make it cushioned. To avoid all kinds of fuss during packing, eliminate the products you do not want or need. Either you sell it or give it to somebody. If you are hiring a moving company, your small help will ensure them the place where your products are to be kept. If you are not capable of handling your moves, then it’s better to hire professional Perth Removalists. These movers are well trained and hold expertise in their domain. Whether they are dealing with delicate items or the normal one, they have the right tools and equipment for smooth shifting.


Follow these pro tips and efficiently pack your household belongings for a move. Make sure you create a proper moving checklist and arrange all the packing supplies for a smooth and stress-free relocation experience.