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10 May, 2021

5 Important Things To Consider When Renting A Moving Truck

When it comes to relocation, one of the biggest dilemmas for everyone is whether to choose a DIY move or hire professionals. It is no secret that the relocation process is stressful, but it can become even more challenging if you are moving on your own. Many people prefer to hire the best removalists in Perth because they can get the job done in a perfect manner. They ensure the safety of your valuables throughout the relocation process.

However, to carry out the move on your own, you need to perform different tasks. One such crucial task is renting the moving truck. To move your belongings safely and experience a hassle-free relocation, it is essential to book the right truck. But before you finalise a vehicle to relocate your stuff, it is important to focus on few important factors that will make the process easier.

Here are 5 important things to consider when renting a moving truck.

1. Select the Appropriate Date and Time

When you are renting a truck, it is crucial to pay attention to the date and time. It is because the factors can make a massive difference in the overall cost and the availability of vehicle. The majority of people prefer to move at the end or starting of a month, so the demand for moving trucks also increase during this time.

If you also want to relocate in the peak season, then you might not get a suitable truck or end up paying a higher price. Always rent a vehicle during the off-season, middle of the month and weekdays. Moreover, if you decide to rent a truck, complete the booking at least 3 to 4 weeks before the relocation day.

2. Choose the Right Size of the Truck

It is essential to select the right size of the truck so it can carry all your items perfectly and safely. Choosing the correct size will help you to save a lot of time during the relocation process. If your vehicle is too big for your belongings, the items will move inside the truck and ultimately get damaged. And if you hire a small truck, you might have to make numerous trips back and forth. Selecting the right size of the truck can be confusing.

That is why people prefer to hire a professional moving company in Perth because the professionals estimate the number of belongings and bring along the appropriate size of truck. Generally, you need 10-16 feet size of truck for a one-bedroom apartment, 12 to 22 ft. for a two-bedroom apartment, 16 to 22 ft. for a three-bedroom house and 24 to 26ft for a four-bedroom house.

3. Research about the Rental Cost

Another vital thing to consider when renting a moving truck is its cost. Different companies follow different guidelines to set the final price. Therefore, you should talk to at least four different companies and compare their quotes. Then only you will be able to find the most suitable truck at the best price.

There are different factors that decide the cost of the rental truck, such as the total distance of your relocation, the quantity of the belongings and the additional services you want. If you need a person to drive the truck or reliable removalists in Perth for loading and unloading purpose, you will have to pay more. If you want to reduce your overall transport cost, get rid of every irrelevant item.

4. Opt for Insurance Coverage

Accidents are unpredictable and usually happen when you least expect them. That is why you should always have insurance coverage before moving. Some truck rental companies provide insurance to their customers, so first, talk to them. If the company do not offer any insurance, you can talk to a third party about it. There are different types of insurance that include various terms and condition. Therefore it is advisable to research properly about the insurance that covers your belongings in the rental truck.

5. Inspection of Your Truck

If you are opting for a rental truck, it is essential to inspect the vehicle before finalising it. Many people overlook the significance of truck inspection and end up with a faulty truck on the moving day. The last thing you want is to risk your valuables by loading and transport them into a faulty truck.

However, it can be too late to change your defective truck on the relocation day. So, inspect the truck properly in advance and make sure it is in good condition. From horn, brakes and windscreen wiper to fuel tank indicator and other essential documents, check everything properly.

Take Away

Renting a moving truck is not as difficult as it seems. All you need to do is to focus on the right factors and research properly. If you are relocating for the first time, consider the things mentioned above before finalising a truck. To stay away from all the unnecessary hassles and mental stress, contact a reputed removals company in Perth. They will help you to relocate smoothly.