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different types of packing boxes kept on floor
23 Aug, 2019

5 Different Kinds Of Boxes You May Need When Moving

When you are moving, nothing is more important than having the right supplies. And out of all the supplies, boxes are the most critical item. Luckily, different types of moving boxes are available in the market which can be used as per your requirement.

If you hire professional removalists in Perth, they will provide all the boxes to pack your belongings. However, you will have to purchase them if you decide to do it on your own.

In this post, you will read about different types of boxes you will require to pack and transport all your belongings. From packing delicate items, clothes and documents to kitchen items and electronics, you will find valuable information about all these moving boxes. Let’s have a look.

1. Basic Corrugated Moving Boxes

Large cardboard boxes (18 to 24 inches)

The number of these boxes will depend on the size of your new apartment. The smaller it is, the minimum boxes you will require. As these boxes are large, you need to make sure that they are easy to carry and load into the truck.

So, use this category of the box to pack lightweight items such as pillows, clothing, bedding, toilet paper, blankets, paper towels, and so on. If you pack it with heavy items, it will be difficult for you to lift it in the entire process.

Medium cardboard boxes (14 to 18 inches)

When it comes to moving, these types of boxes have the maximum demand. The reason why this type is so popular is that they are perfect for packing and carrying household things such as pots, vases, pans, picture frames, stuffed toys, bed linens, clothing, books, and many similar things.

The best thing about these boxes is that they are large enough to pack an extensive range of items but also small enough to get load and transport in the truck in a hassle-free manner. The experienced removalists in Perth also prefer these types of boxes.

Small cardboard boxes (12 to 14 inches)

These boxes are extremely useful in the moving process. Because of their perfect size, they are much easier to carry so you can pack heavy items in them like kitchenware, small appliances, books, pantry items, and more.

Since these are small in size, you won’t be able to overpack these boxes. So, they remain sturdy for the entire process and even after that. So, before you start your packing make sure that you have plenty of these boxes with you.

Boxes for Files and Documents

From your essential documents, folders, binders and pictures to papers and pens, all these things should be moved using these boxes.

The best thing about these cardboard boxes is that they come with lift-off lids and handles for easy moving of all the items. As these are stackable, it becomes easy for you to organise your items before and after moving at the end of tenancy period.

2. Wardrobe Boxes

This type of box saves a lot of space and provides an outstanding solution to transport all your hanging clothes without crumpling them on the way. That is why it is considered ideal for storing and moving clothes and garments on hangers.

It is easy to hang your clothes inside these boxes because it comes with durable, metal hanging bars. Although the size of the box varies, most of the wardrobe boxes are 2 feet wide and around 3 feet long.

3. Mattress Boxes

A mattress is perhaps the most crucial bed accessory, but people often neglect its packing during the moving process.

If you are moving to some nearby place, you can pack it the way you want, but if you are travelling for a longer period, it is advisable to use mattress box that is specially designed to keep your mattress safe while loading and transporting.

There is also a plastic mattress bag that protects it from rain. The size of these boxes varies as per the measurement of the mattress – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen or King size.

Important Note: When you are unpacking the mattress from the boxes and plastic bag, do not use a knife to open the boxes. A sharp knife can cut through the tape and accidentally your mattress.

4. Boxes For Delicate Items

There are different types of boxes that you can use to protect your expensive and delicate items.

Boxes for Mirror and Artwork

Telescope boxes are ideal for moving expensive items like artwork, mirrors, etc. Thus when you are moving, purchase these boxes to pack your valuable items. These types of boxes come with a detached top and bottom piece.

So, first, you can place your item and then fit these parts together to form one box. Telescope boxes are ideal for avoiding cracks and damages to flat and fragile household goods. Experienced removalists in Perth widely use these boxes for moving.

Flat Panel TV Boxes

If you want to pack your flat-screen TVs safely, you should have a flat panel TV box. These boxes are available in various sizes (small, medium and large) as per the measurement of your TV screen.

Flat Panel TV Boxes are long or rectangular-shaped cardboard boxes that come with “this side up” sign. This allows better handling of the TV during loading and transport.

Dish and Glass Boxes

The corrugated carton for kitchen items is quite sturdy as it comes with a double-wall construction. Thus it is perfect for all your delicate items such as china, crystal, dishes, glassware and many more such items.

The cellular dividers inside the carton not only give your items extra protection but also make the best use of the space inside the box.

Corrugated carton for the kitchen is extremely important when you are packing your kitchen items. So, if you have hired professional removalists in Perth, ask them to bring these types of boxes.

Custom crates

If you are moving anything large and delicate such as antiques, chandeliers, artwork, or anything similar, you need such crates so that you don’t make any mistakes when moving. You can order these things as per your specifications.

These crates keep the items safe. It is advisable to take professional help because Perth removalists have the technical knowledge to handle such expensive items.

Lamp boxes

The lamp boxes have been specially designed for the tall floor lamps that are a little tricky to pack and move. In the absence of these boxes, your expensive lamp can get easily damaged during the loading and transportation.

Lamps are not only prone to breaking but also tricky to pack owing to their unique size and shape. These tall cardboard boxes perfectly fit your floor lamp and allow you to load and transport them in a hassle-free manner.

These boxes make sure that your expensive and beautiful lamps reach their new home in a safe and secure manner.

5. Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are the most useful boxes, particularly in bad weather. You can pack seasonal clothing, cords, electrical items, documents, fragile items, etc. in these air-tight bins.

These are not only useful for packing your items during the move but also ideal for storing your belongings even after relocating to Perth. These plastic bins are available in your nearby stores in Perth in different shapes, sizes and colours.

So, you can purchase them as per your preference. This type of box should be at the top of your priority list for packing and moving.


When it comes to moving, packing your belongings is the biggest headache, and you cannot avoid it. However, things can become much easier if you have the right boxes to pack your belongings. The different type of moving boxes mentioned here are all you need to finish your packing process in a hassle-free manner.