4 Key Moving Mistakes to Avoid

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4 Key Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Jul 03, 2018 No wonder relocating a house or office is the most stressful event, especially if you are doing it for the first time. It is easy to make mistakes when you have a lot of stuff to do- from planning to packing, lifting to transporting, etc. In such scenarios, it is vital to grasp the basics and try to avoid committing mistakes. While opting for reliable Perth Removalists can be an ideal decision, some situations may create a problem for you. If you want a safe and hassle-free move, then you should learn something from your mistakes. There are some common blunders that you should avoid while moving your belongings from one place to another. Here we go!

1. Starting the Process Without a Moving Checklist

Overlooking a custom moving checklist is one of the key moving mistakes that could end up your entire relocation process in chaos. It is vital to organise everything, from purging the unused items to cleaning the house, change of address in Perth to managing all the documents regarding the move, packing the essentials to labelling the boxes in an efficient way. Every step needs proper planning and organisation to ensure the safe and secure moving experience. If you fail in doing that, then you could lose your precious belongings. Even, the entire moving process could end up with a mess if you don’t have a comprehensive checklist. Whether you are moving to Perth or Sydney, make sure you create a good moving checklist. It will help you stay on track throughout the process and give you peace of mind. It will also keep you focused and prevent loss of time and belongings while taking you closer to your targeted goal. Tip: Instead of complicating your list, make sure you write pointers related to your move in a short and crisp manner – keep it concise and straightforward.

2. DIY Packing Without a Good Plan

Most of the people engage in DIY packing without even drafting a good plan. This is one of the biggest pitfalls that could leave your valuable belongings at risk. Why? Packing is the most crucial task of a moving process. For the safety of your belongings, you need to pack your belongings like professionals. You can’t even compromise on the quality of packing materials. This means you need proper planning ahead of your move to get the things done the way you want. So, make sure you start packing a house a week or even a month before your final moving day. For this, you need to schedule your packing process and streamline with the moving day to make things convenient for you. Below are the following things that you should keep in mind while packing your stuff:
  • Make sure you buy quality packing materials such as bubble wraps, packing paper, packing tape, custom boxes, etc.
  • Wrap heavy items such as books in small boxes – this will make it easy for removalists to lift heavy boxes.
  • Fill the empty spaces inside the box with newspaper and packing materials to avoid breakages.
  • Label your boxes with relevant names such as ‘fragile items’ or ‘kitchen utensils’ to organise your unpacking chore in a better way.
Tip: It is good to outsource a quality packing service from a Reliable Perth Removalists Company to ensure the safety of your valuable belongings.

3. Hiring a Removal Company Without Research

With so many options available on the market, it becomes overwhelming to find out an experienced and reliable Perth Removalists Company for a safe and secure move. Whether you are moving local or interstate, you can’t overlook the research part while searching for the best moving company. Many people in Perth finalise a deal without even doing thorough research. If you don’t have any background information about your moving company, you could end up with an awful situation. You may lose your belongings, or they may leave them in the middle of the journey if something goes wrong. That’s the reason why it is imperative to engage in the deep-oriented research process and shortlist the companies that can give you quality results with a zero-damage moving guarantee. Do the following things before hiring a reputed removal company in Perth:
  • Read the customer reviews
  • Ask for their previous projects
  • Contact their previous clients
  • Shortlist the best options
  • Ask for a free quote.
Tip: It is good to choose a company that can provide you with comprehensive solutions, including packing, storage, backloading, local and interstate, residential and commercial moves at the most reasonable price.

4. Forget about Buying Insurance for your Belongings

When it comes to the key moving mistakes, this is one of the most common blunders that you should avoid. If you want to ensure that your belongings reach safely to the new address, then you should buy insurance for your valuable items, such as TV, AC, expensive art piece, etc. A right insurance plan will provide you coverage against damages, road accidents, and natural calamities like thunderstorm and rainfall. So, make sure you choose an Insurance company that is liable to compensate you for the damage created during the moving journey.


No matter how far you are moving, make sure you avoid the moving mistakes mentioned above in this blog post. You can reduce the stress out of your relocation by hiring reliable removalists in Perth. They can save you from making silly mistakes to some extent. Plus, they will assist you throughout the process- from start to end while giving you 100 % safe and secure moving experience. All you need is a focused approach, thorough research work and right decision-making approach.