12 Foolproof Packing And Moving Tips

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12 Foolproof Packing And Moving Tips

Dec 07, 2021 Whether you are moving house for the first time or have done it several times, the process is never easy. Managing relocation is difficult without proper planning because you have to complete multiple tasks within a stipulated time. You can make it less stressful and chaotic by taking the assistance of professional and reliable removalists in Perth. However, that’s not all you need to do to vacate a property and move into a new residence. Thus, here is a complete guide listing twelve foolproof packing and moving tips by experts. Have a look.

Budget Your Move

During a move, you can expect several one-off expenses like rental bond payment, utility set-up fees and many more along with your ongoing expenses. You can easily deplete your savings without a moving budget, so use a reliable budget planner to manage your expenses. This step is crucial whether you have ample funds for relocation or moving on a tight budget.

Consider Getting Moving Insurance

Often people make the mistake of assuming their things are covered completely by their hired removal company. However, even reputed removal companies in Perth offer a basic liability cover under which clients get minimal reimbursement. If you are moving long-distance, interstate or internationally, you should get moving insurance to protect your belongings. Explore your options by contacting your removalists, a private insurer or a reputed insurance company and get a policy best suited for you.

Create Checklists

Packing and moving property contents are challenging without streamlining the tasks. Therefore, you must create checklists to note everything you need to do, assign deadlines to tasks and divide them among household members. You can create the task lists for packing, changing your address, bond cleaning the rental property, moving and much more. Even professional removalists in Perth use checklists to complete jobs effectively and efficiently.

Discard, Donate or Resell Unwanted Things

Decluttering is an imperative task you should perform before packing to lighten the moving load for your hired removalists in Perth. You can sort your belongings to get rid of broken, old and unwanted items by disposing of them responsibly. Additionally, you can donate things to a local organisation registered with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit Commission or sell them via an online or offline garage sale.

Pack Room by Room

You can hire professionals to pack your belongings when moving at short notice, as they have the expertise and experience to do it well and quickly. But, if you plan to manage it yourself, do it room by room, starting from the least frequently used ones. Your goal should be to pack things you occasionally need first and daily use items last. This strategy helps you settle in the new home faster because household contents of importance are loaded on the moving truck last and unloaded first.

Don’t Wait Until The Last Moment To Book Professionals

Booking removalists in Perth early is important, especially during peak moving season when professionals are in demand. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until the last moment to hire them, as it can cause delays and you won’t have the option to choose good removalists. What’s more, you will have to pay more when booking quality removalists at short notice.

Get The Right Packing Supplies

To smoothen and quicken the process of packing, you should get the right packing supplies. For securing household contents, you would need the following things. • Small, medium and large corrugated boxes • Packing tape • Bubble, plastic and foam wraps • Wardrobe, flat and office boxes

Make an Essentials Bag

On the moving day, you will need things like a change of clothes, toiletries, medicines, snacks, water and other essential items. You should pack the bag a day or two before moving to have everything you will require during the journey and upon arrival at the new home. In addition to making an essentials bag yourself, make sure other household members do the same.

Make An Inventory & Label Everything

Create an inventory of things you need at the new house to avoid misplacement or losing property contents during packing or transit. The professionals make a list of things they move, but you should do it too when DIY packing. Furthermore, label every box correctly to make it easier for the removalists to know the contents and handle them accordingly. For example, label the boxes with crockery or glassware as fragile or delicate to ensure they are handled with care.

Keep Kids & Pets Out Of Harm’s Way

If you have small children and pets at home, keep them safe in a room while the removalists pack and move your belongings. You can send them away in the care of someone trusted for a day or two during the move to keep them out of harm’s way or slow professionals’ operations.

Take Care of Perishable Goods Before Moving

Make sure you consume perishable goods like fresh fruit, vegetables and prepared dishes a day before the moving day. The fridge and kitchen should not have perishable goods because your hired removalists in Perth will not move items that spoil fast. Start monitoring your groceries at least two weeks before moving to avoid wastage of food.

Be Ready To Move When The Removalists Arrive

Avoid delays and inconveniences by being ready to move immediately after your hired removalists in Perth arrive. • Keep the boxes packed and labelled. • Have your essentials bag ready. • Be available to guide the removalists & provide assistance. • Keep the keys on hand to give them to the landlord. • Ensure your vehicle is full or your cab arrives on time.

The Bottom Line

Packing and moving are challenging even if you have moved before. You have to manage various things simultaneously, which is why taking the assistance of professional removalists in Perth is a practical solution. In addition, follow the tips shared above to reduce moving stress and related burden.