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08 Jun, 2018

10 Simple and Time Saving Relocation Tricks

The exertion of relocating a house can be annoying and disturbing. The journey of moving household belongings from one location to another can’t be successfully achieved until you have the right moving tricks.
However, opting for the best Interstate removalists in Perth may reduce the stress out of your move, but you have to involve in the processes at the end of the day to simplify your relocation. Bring relevancy to the different conditions and prepare yourself in advance before facing any obstacle in between your moving journey.
Here, in this post, we have encountered the ten time-saving and straightforward tricks that will make your relocation process a success.
Let’s get started!

1. Organise your moving schedule

Instead of waiting for the last moments to pack your precious treasures, you should start planning your move a month before your final moving day. Create a customised moving checklist that includes the change of address checklist in Perth and the things that need to be done throughout the process.
For example, if you are relocating from Brisbane to Perth, make sure you prepare your move according to that. Arrange all the packing materials, get rid of the items that are no longer needed and start packing those belongings that are not used frequently.
You can create a week-by-week checklist to ensure you are on the right track without making any clutter. This will save your time and let you focus on the things that are more important to you.

Tip: Don’t forget to set the timeframe for your move. And make sure you set realistic goals for your relocation.

2. Remove Useless items

Consider this trick while relocating your possessions. When you are moving to the new city such as Perth, it is good to load lesser items to reduce the budget and stress out of the move. You should get rid of all the stuff that you won’t be taking to the new house.
So, first, make a list of things you don’t want to pack for a move and assemble them. Now, you can categorise them according to their usages and sell them out online or donate to the charity in Perth – whatever you need.
This will save your packing time and also reduce an overall moving cost.

3. Hire a certified moving company

Do you have experience in house relocation? Have you ever moved your belongings from one place to another? If no, then don’t resist yourself from hiring reliable and certified Perth Removalists that can offer you top-rated packing and moving solutions within your financial reach.
Look for a company that can take care of your possessions throughout the relocation process and deliver it to the final destination without any delay or damage. Also, check their previous customer reviews, terms and policies and projects before making any final decision.

Tip: Always ask for a free no-obligation quote before making any booking.

4. Arrange packing boxes

Use brains instead of wasting your money on buying brand new boxes for packing your belongings. Of course, using quality boxes is imperative to prevent the valuable possessions from damages, but you can’t spend your entire budget on heavy-duty boxes. Instead, you can get it from local businesses such as bookstores, liquor stores without paying pennies.

Tip: Use socks, egg crates, blankets and other creative stuff to pack your possessions for relocation.

5. Pack your possessions

Packing is one of those chores that need special attention and great expertise. If you are doing it for the first time, then the following pointers will make your job easier:

    • Secure fragile/delicate items with bubble wrap and fill the gaps using crumpled newspaper while storing them inside the box.
    • Wrap hanged clothes using a big trash bag in order to simplify unpacking. It is good to use suitcases and laundry baskets as boxes.
    • Dissemble your furniture and keep all lose parts and screws in a plastic bag. If you are using storage facility, you need to pack your furniture cautiously to protect it avoid any damages.
    • It is advised to label the packed bag and tape it to the furniture.
    • Use heavy-duty packing paper and bubble wrap to protect your dishes and artwork from damages.

Tip: If you are not comfortable with the packing chore, hire a professional moving company in Perth who can assist you in packing your precious items with utmost care. Also, ask them to carry the highest quality of materials to ensure safe and secure removal.

6. Prepare your electronic appliances for a move

If you want to save your precious time, make sure you prepare your electronic appliances a day before your relocation day. Below are the following things you can do to prepare your expensive appliances for a safe removal:

Make sure you remove all food items and empty your fridge. Unplug and clean it thoroughly both in and out. Then defrost the freezer and leave the door open for 24 hours in order to get rid of moisture. After that close the door and tape it properly.

Washing machine
Disconnect the power button and leave the door open for a day to remove moisture. Secure the input/output hoses to the unit and close the door and wrap it with a tape.

Switch off the power unit and disconnect the hoses. Again, leave the door open and secure the hoses and internal racks properly. Don’t forget to shut the door with the tape.

7. Pack your essentials

Never pack your everyday essentials with your other possessions. Keep the necessary items such as snacks, water, first aid box, essential documents and toiletries in a box. Try to keep a bag handy during your move out process.

8. Spruce up your house

Don’t forget to clean up your entire house before you leave your current residence. In case you are running at the end of your tenancy period, hire a professional vacate cleaning company in Perth that can assist you in thorough cleaning and ensure 100 % bond back guarantee. All the best!

9. Create your floor plan

You should create a custom floor plan before moving to the new house. Use newspaper cutouts of furniture to make things accessible for you. It is good to measure the dimensions of the items and mark the area so that you can easily set your house without any interruption or delays. You can even improvise your ideas and reshuffle the furniture on the papers.

10. Inform your utility service providers

Whether you are shifting to the next street or a new city like Perth, it is important to inform all the utility service providers about your move. Schedule a date so that these companies can discontinue your electricity, phone, and internet services.


So, pack your belongings and get ready for your safe and secure move with the help of these quick and easy relocation tips. For quality services and a zero damage move, acquire Perth Removalists that can take care of your belongings throughout the moving journey.