10 Questions to Ask Before Signing a Lease Agreement

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10 Questions to Ask Before Signing a Lease Agreement

Aug 30, 2019 Are you moving to a rental apartment in Perth? Before shifting your household belongings to the leased property, you have to sign a lease agreement. This is an important step for both the tenant and the landlord. If you are ready to sign the lease agreement, chances are you have gotten answers to your questions. It can be related to the rent per month, location, utility services and other important things you would want to know before binding into a legal document. While these are included in basic information, what about the less obvious questions? Being a tenant, it is your responsibility to clear all your doubts before getting down to the paperwork. So, before moving your valuables to the new place with the assistance of Perth Removalists, ask the following questions related to the lease agreement.

1. What if I break the lease agreement early?

Nobody wants to leave the rental apartment in the middle of their agreement. But if you will need to move out before the end of your tenancy, then you should be aware of policies around breaking the lease early before signing the document. If you are in a situation where you want to break the lease before its completion, then your landlord has the right to hold back your security deposit.

2. What are your lease terms?

As a tenant, you should ask this question before signing the agreement. Clear all your doubts and ask your landlord to explain each and every term related to your lease. Ensure that the lease term you are expecting is included in the agreement itself. Whatever the terms mentioned on the lease are the ones that you agree upon formally.

3. Do I have to buy renters’ insurance?

It is good to have renters insurance, especially if you are moving to the leased property in Perth for the first time. Sometimes, it becomes tough to afford it. So, it is better to look around and get different quotes to buy the most affordable renters’ insurance policy. Try to find a policy that can cover more of your valuable items.

4. What are the policies for non-tenant access?

Don’t forget to ask this question because many landlords or a maintenance professional may have to access your apartment for some or the other reason. This doesn’t mean they can easily come and go without your permission. So, verify that your lease must have a certain amount of notice that is needed before they may access your rental home.

5. How do I pay my rent?

You might know the cost of your rental apartment, but you also need to know how to pay it. In the current scenario, many large apartment leasing companies give you a facility to pay rent online or through an automated debit system. But private landlords usually take cheques or banker’s draft – so be prepared with it. Don’t forget to ask about grace periods and late fees.

6. Do I need to pay move-in fees?

Many tenants forget to ask this question and then end-up paying move-in fees, especially when they are running short of their budget. Usually, tenants have to pay fees due before move-in along with their first month’s rent. This includes rent of last month, administrative fees, a security deposit, rental fees, etc. It is good to check all the required fees before signing the agreement. Apart from this, contact your Perth Removalists and take estimated quotes before making the final decision. This will help you save money so that you can pay off other required bills and fees.

7. What is your guest policy?

Nowadays, landlords don’t care if you have guests for extended visits. But, you should check the rules of the apartment to clear your doubt. The issue usually arises with guests when they stay for an extended period of time. If your friend wants to stay with you permanently, you will have to ask your landlord. They will check his/her background and make the decision accordingly.

8. When is rent due?

Check your lease agreement and if there is no due date for your rent, then ask your landlord. Mostly, rents are due on the first day of every month. You can also check for grace period on rental payments such as five or six days from the first of the month.

9. Is the bond money refundable?

Security deposits are returned when your lease period ends. But make sure you return the premises in the clean and well-maintained condition. If there is any major damage to the property, you could lose a part of your bond money. So, it is good to ask about specific situations before signing the agreement and make your lease term a smooth as possible.

10. Do you have any renewal procedure?

You can also ask this question if you want to extend your lease period. Some landlords have strict policies on how much time you will have to give if you’re going to renew your lease. It would be good to ask about the process in the beginning so that you don’t miss out anything related to the renewal process.


Being a tenant, you should ask as many questions as possible before signing the lease agreement. This will give you a better vision and help you make the right decision, especially when you are moving to a new place with your family. You can also prepare your moving budget and buy a rental property depending on your financial needs. Make sure you hire reliable and trusted Perth removalists for a safe and secure relocation of your belongings to the rental apartment.