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26 Mar, 2021

10 Great Tips For A Healthy Move

Planning a move to a new home is fun and exciting until reality hits and you find yourself burdened by the different tasks you need to complete. While managing and executing these tasks, it is easy to neglect your physical and mental health.

However, for a move to be successful and fruitful, it is essential you are in good health and feel happy before, during and after the move. Besides hiring professional removalists in Perth to help with packing and moving your belongings, you need to do other things to maintain your strength and mental peace. Here are ten great tips by experts for a healthy move. Have a look.

1. Talk About the Move

Relocation is challenging and among the most stressful events of your life, which is why it is natural to feel tired, sad, lonely, angry, anxious etc. However, you are not alone in feeling these emotions and your loved ones moving with you feel the same.

Therefore, it is therapeutic and good to talk about the move and the process with others who are relocating to the new home with you. Additionally, it is excellent for your mental health to share what you are going through with relatives and friends to unload and get excited about the move.

2. Don’t Ditch Sleep

Whether you have moved before or moving for the first time, commonly, people fall into the pattern of sleeping late and waking early to complete tasks. When you get insufficient sleep, it is hard for your mind and body to function optimally. Insufficient sleep is associated with poor judgement and decision making, which is why you should get proper sleep.

3. Maintain Your Eating Routine

Don’t make the mistake of skipping meals because you are too busy to complete moving-related tasks. Remaining hungry for long periods can cause headaches, indigestion, irritation, and many other problems. Therefore, make sure to maintain your eating routine, and have at least three meals a day.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water while decluttering, cleaning, packing and doing other moving-related chores. Ensuring you drink enough water is especially important when you are moving during the summer season, and your body loses fluids rapidly. Besides water, keep energy drinks, coconut water, lemonade and other hydrating drinks on hand.

5. Eat a Fulfilling Breakfast

Start your day with a fulfilling breakfast to have the energy to complete various tasks throughout the day. Skipping breakfast can make you feel exhausted by the end of the day, plus when you are hungry, it will be easier to ditch the plan to eat healthily and reach for unhealthy snacks.

6. Munch on Nutritious Snacks

In addition to eating at least three meals in a day, keep nutritious snacks on-hand to eat whenever hunger pangs make it hard to complete tasks. To satiate your need for munching, keep nuts, fruits, energy bars, whole-grain crackers and other healthy snacks handy.

7. Consume Home-Cooked Meals

Understandably, when you are stressed about packing, finding good removalists in Perth, changing utilities, and various other tasks, it is easier to grab a burger or pizza. However, eating junk frequently is not healthy and especially not when you are planning a move because these foods increase cholesterol, blood pressure, and lethargy. Therefore, make efforts to prepare healthy meals at home with vegetables, proteins, and fruits.

8. Move Heavy Items Carefully

Often people trying to move heavy household items such as appliances, furniture, home décor etc., sustain serious injuries because of poor technique and lack of proper moving equipment. To manage your move healthily, make sure you use the right tools and know about lifting/shifting techniques.

If you don’t, please leave packing and moving heavy items to professional removalists in Perth who can complete these activities without any stress or challenge. They have the equipment and years of training to lift, load and unload large items effortlessly.

9. Reduce Stress

Whether you have moved before or relocating for the first time, stress is felt at varying degrees by people whenever they go through the process. It can severely affect your mood and mental health. Therefore, you should do everything to reduce stress and manage the moving activities comfortably. Here are some ways you can relax and be at peace while planning and managing your relocation.

• Meditate everyday
• Divide tasks between household members
• Hire professional removalists in Perth
• Plan everything and start completing tasks as early as possible

10. Don’t Hesitate to Take Help

While moving you have to do a variety of tasks within a stipulated time which can cause stress, anxiety, and exhaustion. Therefore, you should not hesitate to take the assistance of professional removalists in Perth along with near and dear ones to make the process easier and comfortable.

The Bottom Line

It is common for people to overlook their mental and physical health while completing different moving-related chores. To manage your move with a sound mind and body, follow the tips mentioned above. Take the assistance of professional removalists in Perth and implement these tips to make your relocation process less stressful.