10 Best Perth Suburbs To Move Your Family

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10 Best Perth Suburbs To Move Your Family

Oct 28, 2022

Thousands of people move to Perth every year for a better lifestyle. The capital of Western Australia is ranked as the largest city in the state, with diverse real estate options, a prosperous economy, outstanding education, and enough job opportunities. So, if you are planning to move to this part of the country with your family, then you are making the right decision.

All you need to do is to make a detailed plan and hire professional removalists in Perth. The experts will keep your valuables safe. You can use this time to find the best suburbs where you can settle down with your family.

Choosing the right suburb is very important when you are moving with your family. There are different parameters on which you must analyse a suburb and decide whether it is suitable or not.

Here are the ten best Perth suburbs to move your family.

1. Churchlands

Churchlands is an excellent suburb for the family as it has excellent public transportation, leafy streets and easy accessibility to the beach. This place is located next to Herdsman Lake, a wildlife sanctuary and a recreational area.

That makes the place an ideal place for those who like the outdoors. It has the lowest crime rate, so you can sleep peacefully at any time of day or night. This suburb is ideal for all stages of family life as there are four schools nearby and an Edith Cowan University campus.

2. Dalkeith

Dalkeith is another excellent place that has large homes, stunning views of the Swan River and remarkable architecture. As there are so many parks and reserves, you will get confused to choose the right one for you.

Moreover, there are numerous sports facilities and schools for the entire family to enjoy, particularly if you are more concerned about fitness. Despite the presence of some of Perth’s most outstanding mansions, the area is appropriate for a wide range of family homes. If you want to buy a house in Perth, you can consider this place.

3. Salter Point

A lot of people like this particular suburb because it is quiet streets and is very clean. Salter Point is an ideal place to relax that has breath-taking views. You kids can thoroughly enjoy the Lagoon Conservation Area and play in Sandoon Park.

You can visit the lovely boutiques and do a lot of shopping. You will love the peaceful lifestyle in this suburb. If you are planning to move there, contact a professional removalists Perth.

4. Shelley

This charming suburb is situated along the Canning River and is surrounded by parklands and playgrounds. With so many large blocks and properties available, you will get enough privacy from your neighbours.

Also, this place is connected to the city with excellent public transportation and has a local primary school nearby. Whether it is food, medical or beauty treatments, everything is easily accessible.

5. Attadale

Attadale is an attractive suburb on the southern bank of Swan River. It is considered a haven for families, with a stunning 40 hectares of parkland and 13 playgrounds.

There are numerous childcare options and two nearby primary schools to choose from. Take your dog for a walk through the park or along the foreshore, where you can come across plenty of like-minded and friendly locals.

6. Floreat

The tree-lined streets in Floreat are home to a mix of new and old homes. This suburb is close to Churchlands, the beach and Herdsman Lake. The place has a lot of parkland and access to nature.

In case you like sports, you will appreciate staying close to Floreat Oval and the Western Australian Athletics Stadium. You can anytime grab a pint from the pub or coffee from one of the local cafes, sit back, and relax.

7. Rossmoyne

Rossmoyne is known for its balanced lifestyle and the importance of fitness. You can play some tennis before going to the local bakery for lunch. You can go to the Village Shopping Centre to get some self-care. You can also cycle along the river or go to fitness centres for Tai Chi or a yoga class.

There is also a local community kindergarten, primary and high school, which makes it a top choice for people of all ages. Easy access to vital places is one of the important things to keep in mind when moving from city to suburb.

8. Swanbourne

The beach lifestyle is the main attraction for the families living here, with sea breezes and spectacular sunsets to enjoy. This suburb has an extensive range of properties available, so the chances are high that you will find yourself a place with ocean views.

Train in Swanbourne runs frequently and is considered a quick and easy option to commute to the Perth CBD. If you have a passion for golf, then Cottesloe Golf Course is not that far.

9. Menora

This small and beautiful suburb is quite popular for its Jewish community and is surrounded by attractive parkland. Originally, it was planned as a garden suburb, and it contains several heritage-listed buildings with vital cultural value. There are numerous schools for children of all ages nearby the place.

10. Mount Claremont

Mount Claremont is a green suburb that has a lot of space. Every Saturday, there is a farmer’s market is organised where you can buy seasonal produce and different handmade arts and crafts. This place is close to the WA Institute of Sport and other sporting clubs in that area.

Take Away

When you are moving with your family, your topmost priority is the safety of the members and how to save money. The suburbs mentioned above will fulfil all your requirements. To relocate with family in a stress-free and hassle-free manner, hire trained removalists in Perth.